Finding grandmother's maiden name #general

ethel <ethel@...>

My grandmother, Ethel KENZES or KENCZES arrived in Philadelphia with her
four children in 1928. She joined her husband, Fraun Kenzes (changed to
KANSAS) who had emigrated in 1914. They were >from the Mohiliv Podelsky and
Zmerinka area and also lived in a village called Lika or Laka. How might I
find her maiden name? My father has passed away and my mother thinks it
might have been MOSCOWITZ, but she's not really certain. I am seeking
information about my father's sister, Goldi, who returned to the Ukraine
in 1928 or 29 , married a cousin, and most likely perished during the
War. Tried Yad Vashem, the International Red Cross, and Bureau of Missing
Persons. No luck. Would appreciate any advice.

Ethel Kansas Sweed

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