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It's amazing to be able to send a query to JewishGen just before going to
bed, then get up the next morning and find a dozen replies! Many thanks to

The consensus seems to be that ba'al [beth-ayin-lamed] means 'master' or
'husband', and the heh at the end is a suffix that can mean 'her husband' or
'husband of', according to whether there was a dot in the heh. Now that I
know that I have returned to my dictionary and found it. I am used to
ignoring prefixes if I cannot find a word the first time, but I forgot about
this particular suffix!

Of course, in the printed Hebrew of the yizkor book there are no dots
indicating vowels etc. In a necrology this means that some of the surnames
need some inspirational guesses. In the past I've occasionally sought help
from my Israeli friends, and even they are lost on some of them. Where I am
in extreme doubt I am spelling it out in Hebrew.

My list of names >from the Vizotsk yizkor book is almost complete and I shall
be submitting it to the JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database.

David Fielker
London UK

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