Submitting "Trees" to FTJP #general

Carol Raspler

James H Gross wrote:
Isn't it more practical, and a lot more efficient
to _first_ get your names in the JGFF & FTJP
_before_ doing the surname posts?
Hi James: Your suggestion is marvelous. Now, how about some brief
how-to lessons for all of us to submit our research to the FTJP (Family
Tree of the Jewish People) and JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder). And a
refresh of the difference between the two for our newcomers would be
well received. Best regards, Carol Raspler, Delray Beach, FL

MODERATOR NOTE: Another excellent suggestion! The JGFF (JewishGen
Family Finder) is a searchable database which connects people who are
searching the same ancestral towns and surnames. The FTJP (Family
Tree of the Jewish People) is a searchable compilation of family
trees. By adding your information to these services, you make yourself
available to be found by future researchers -- and hence by possible
family members. Both the FTJP and the JGFF can be found under the
"Research" heading at

The direct URLs are:
for the JGFF --
for the FTJP --

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