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Hello genners!

I recently received some info about my Funt relatives. My gm, Nechama
(Anna) Adelman (nee Funt) came to the US in 1907. She had three brothers:
Jack (Jacob/Yankel) who stayed in NYC; an unnamed brother (possibly David)
who moved with his family to Toronto and changed his name to Fuller, and a
third brother (name also unknown) who moved to Springfield MA where he had
two children (boy and girl) and died young.

The Fuller in Toronto had 2 children: Edith, who married David Tobias and
had a son Norman (who played the bassoon in some symphony orchestra and who
died in the late 60's in a terrible automobile accident), and Sidney, who
was involved in a scandal involving the House UnAmerican Activities
Committee in the late 40's (he was denounced as a Communist by the husband
of a woman he was having an affair with and he fled to Germany where he
married and died, childless).

As for the Springfield Funt: does anyone out there in Massachusetts know of
such a family in the early decades of the twentieth century? It's possible
that, after the father (my gm's brother) died, the family moved back to NYC
(perhaps not too many Jews in Springfield), but we never heard anything
about them. They certainly didn't keep in touch with our family.

Any help out there locating this "lost" branch of our family would be much

I enjoy reading the postings of others. I learn a lot about Jewish
immigrants and genealogy research. This is a university unto itself.
And all are so helpful!

Thanks in advance.

Ruth Ross

Researching: Adelman / Funt
Weinar / Weinrab (?)

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