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Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

Wanting to find the birthplace of our paternal gfather I have for the
last year been searching the JRI-database for the PRASZNISZER name, with
all (what I thought) possible spelling variations - and believe me, there
are many for that name. I found three towns, and none of those could be
the birthtown. Only because I recently got a lead directing me towards
the Kolo and Konin area in Kalisz Gub. was it feasible to look at
specific surname lists. In Kolo I found PRASZPISZER, >from 1870!!
Apart >from the p it was such a close fit
A few months ago I posted a mail about a possible succes with JRI-Poland
database and how the surname list had helped. Here is the follow-up of
the above quote:

I still havn't got the Kolo films I ordered, but a kind genner in LA
recently sent me a copy of that 1870 marriage certificate and another
kind genner in Toronto (isn't this a great community!) helped with the
translation. It turns out to be just what I hoped, a marriage in our
PRASZNISZER family >from the village of Wladyslawow near Kolo.

So now, at long last, we know our grandfather's hometown. I had come
across the name of that town before because a nephew and a younger
brother of his were born in Wladyslawow (naturalization papers 1893 and
1904 in PRO in UK) and an older brother gave Wladyslawow as his hometown
on a Certificate of Evidence (1892) >from London. There are however many
towns of that name in Poland and one in Lithuania so I wasn't much wiser
untill Stanley DIAMOND told me that Wladyslawow near Kolo was also known
as Russiocice! At that point my interest centered on Kolo, because after
coming to UK one of those nephews married a woman >from Russiocice (Alien
reg. card >from 1919)!!

I didn't find a new branch of PRASZNICERs, but a big surprise was all the
same buried in that record because it turns out to be a marriage record
for the nephew who later, in 1886, married in UK. It had crossed my mind
that this could be the case, because he was rather old for the UK
marriage to be his first.

So now the hunt goes on. Did his wife die or did they divorce? Were there
children >from this Kolo marriage?

Once again, a big thanks to JRI-Poland and to JewishGen for hosting that
great database, and to Stanley for directing me towards Kolo. When I
wrote to thank him for his help he answered that he was glad to be able
to help in little ways too - well, to me it was a big help.

I will be sending a letter to Sheila Shalo in a day or two.

Kirsten Gradel, Denmark

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