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Ira Leibowitz wrote as follows:

"There is some dispute as to what my grandfather's Hebrew name was.
Cousins called him Benche -- with the "che" pronounced as in "chest."
I presume Benche is a nickname. But a nickname for what?"

The Yiddish name "Benche" is a kinui (nickname) for the Hebrew name
BenZion. There are various other similar diminutive kinuim such as
Bentsl, Bentshl, Bentse, and Bentsil.
It is, and it's an obvious one. But one can't say, as you seem to,
that this is what it is, period. There are, I would wager, more
Benche/Benchies who are Baruch than those who are named Ben-Zion -- if
only because there are more people named Baruch than Ben-Zion.

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