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Modern-day Cholent is usually cooked in a pressure cooker or left on the
stovetop Friday night before the Sabbath to stay warm until the noon meal
on Saturday. It is essentially beef stew and can be made with almost
anything you have handy. It is especially good for getting rid of leftover
vegetables. Some go a little heavy on the salt, others prefer it savory. If
the woman is a good cook, it can be very tasty-but even if not, it is
nutritious and filling. Especially for a poor family who might have to
stretch their grocery money and would therefore save their "meat" for the
Sabbath, stew is a great way to stretch a small amount of meat amongst a
lot of mouths! Trust me-I know!

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I am translating a handwritten story about my great great grandmother
written by her grandaughter and I am having problems with a few words.
First is the Yiddish name of the wig women wear a sheitel. Right?
Now here's an odd one -- is there in effect a verb to be "sheited" to
say the woman wore a wig. Is that a word or did the author make it up?

Then she talks of a special stew the woman prepared before the Sabbath
which she calls "cholent" if I am reading the handwritting correctly?
She says it was made with beef and potatoes and beans. If it helps my
great great grandmother was >from Odessa.

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