names: BRANDEIS, LANG, POHL, KRAUS #general

Zimmer <Zimmer-Luedinghausen@...>


I am new in Genealogy
and I am looking for information about my (perhaps) Jewish ancestors who
came >from and lived in Bohemia and/or Prague.

They were: Elias Pohl (no dates), his wife Sarah (no surname and date).
Their son was Elias Pohl *18.4.1796. He married Eva Brandeis (born
16.1.1804)on 18.1.1829 in Prague. Their daughter was Berta Pohl *
16.3.1841, Prague. She married Simon Lang(no dates). Their daughter Lucia
Lang was born 5.1.1871 and died 3.4.1946 in Prague.
Simon Lang's parents were Josef Lang (no dates) and Elisabeth Kraus (no dates).

I hope very much that someone can help me with the search for my ancestors
or can give me advices how to be successful with my research.

Thank you very much for your help,

Peter Zimmer

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