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Paul Silverstone

The Bulgaria was a ship of the Hamburg-America Line (Hapag), built in 1898
by Blohm & Voss.
She was a ship of 10,237 gross tons and carried 2,400 steerage passengers!
She sailed Hamburg-New York until 1913.
I hope this will be helpful to you.
Paul Silverstone

judith reinsdorf wrote:
On my Grandfathers Declaration Of states he arrived on
the vessel-Bulgarra....May 15, 1903....Then on The Petition of
Naturalization, it states he arrived on the vessel Bulgaria.. July 18,
1903.....This would be easily clarified and I could learn a lot more
from the passenger list.... if I could find these vessels......they dont
seem to exist.......I have tried many sites of Immigrant ships....
Paul Silverstone
New York
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