NYC Voters Registration Microfilms? #general

A. E. Jordan

Anyone know where you can find the microfilms of the NYC Voters
Registration on that the Public Library on 42nd Street in Manhattan?

I spent a rather frustrating day yesterday at the New York Public
Library. A few ups and lots of downs.

The good news is that the NY Public Library has moved the Voters
Registrations films into the new genealogy room, so they are on the shelf
for easy access. Bad news is roll #3 has been and continues to be
missing -- last time I tried was over a year ago. No one at the library
seems to know about the missing film. And guess what -- the records I
need should be on roll 3.

Does anyone know if there is another source for these microfilms? FHC or
NY Archives? Where would the originals come from? I would be happy to
buy and donate #3 to the NY Public Library if only I knew where to get it
for them.


Allan Jordan

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