Re: From Posen to Berlin #general

Stephen G. Esrati <stevsta@...>

Spanish Jews also settled in the Low Countries (Belgium, Netherlands,
and the German Rhineland).

Sally is the common nickname for Salomon, the German/Dutch way of
spelling Solomon. Jews did not have surnames in 1492.

Spanish Jews went to places they thought they could
remain Spanish -Portugal and Islamic lands. Some went to Spanish
colonies where they continued to practice their religion in secret.
If they maintained a Sephardi heritage, they would most likely have
retained their surnames also, which they didn't.

PS In English, Sally is a woman's name. You probably mean Solly-short
for Solomon-a man's name. :-) I had to read the part about Sally
marrying Jenny 3 times before it made sense!

Stephen G. Esrati
Shaker Heights, OH

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