Re: Family Data Sheet Estimation Program #general


This is very interesting and may be helpful, but we need to keep in mind
(especially beginners) that sometimes families in specific locations and
specific religions (Jews) did things differently.

For example, I put in a marriage dates of 1652 and 1852. For 1652 it
estimates that the parents were born in 1628 and 1630. That makes the
husband 24 and the wife 22 at marriage. I don't know about all ethnic
groups, but for many of the Ashkenazi, that is ancient. You see lots of
messages on Jewishgen about marriages of people 12 and 14 years old! They
are almost grandparents by 24!!!

The rest are reasonable estimates, but the marriage age is far off for many
of our ancestors. It is roughly reasonably for my Sephardim in Amsterdam,
who married for the first time >from age 16 to 40!

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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