Original Name Unknown #general


This is a problem that I think must be a common one.

My father left home in the Ukraine at age 12-14, 1887-88, the first of his
family to emmigrate. We think it must have been illegally to avoid the
army draft as there are no passenger records of it. He probably traveled
under an assumed name. (GREENBERG)
About 10 years later, he brought over all the rest of his family, they
also using his asuumed name.
I have used two different Ukranian researchers in the past two years with
absolutely no results using the only name we know, which is why we think
it must be an assumed name. He verbally always said that he came >from Kiev
Gubernia, no other information. His brother's two eldest sons, on their
marriage certificates in NYC state that their birthplace was Kamenitz
Podolsk! No records exist for them in KP. He always told us that after he
left home 1886, he worked in what we call a grocery store in the (a) city.
After arriving NYC, he worked in a grocery store. When he brought his
brother over, he set him up in a Grocery store! In the 1895 issue of Vsia
Rossia, I found three grocery stores, in three different cities in Kiev
Gubernia, all owned by people with the same surname, GRINBERG. No given
names or patrynomics.It is probable that if these were not relatives, then
he might have taken the that name but there is nothing to confirm or deny
it.Is there anyone out there who has a suggestion, or is this a total dead

San Diego, CA

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