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Moshe Davis <davis@...>

On 8 Feb 2001 17:29:31 -0800, (IsraelP) wrote:

We ordered two California death certificates based on their online
index and citing all the information supplied there. This was three-
four months ago. Should I be getting concerned or is this a normal
waiting period.
I ordered a number of California death certificates >from the County of
Los Angeles, based on the online index and the SSDI, in early December
2000, and received them all by early Jan 2001. I was impressed!

Moshe Davis

Moshe & Esther Davis

DAVIS, DAVIDOVITS >from Leh (Shirukiy Leh, Shiruky Lug), Maramaros,
Austro-Hungary/Czecheslovakia/Ukraine;later Ohio;Los Angeles.
HAYFER, CHAIMOVITZ >from Kovesliget (Drahiv, Drahova, Dragova),Maramaros,
Austro-Hungary/Czecheslovakia /Ukraine; later Ohio;Los Angeles.
WINARD, WINARSKY >from Bucharesti, Rumania; later NY;Los Angeles.
BRICKER, BRECKER, BRACKER >from Kiev, Russia; later NY;CA;AZ.
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