Re: child marriages #general

Norman H. Carp-Gordon <zerakodesh@...>

Yes, but the late 19th century data you cite cannot simply be
superimposed on the 18th century, any more than late 20th century
data can be superimposed on the period you have checked.

Yes, there were child marriages in Europe, especially in
Khasidic communities. But let us not get carried away. These
stories are noteworthy in part because the incidence was so rare,
as well as because it would be unusual or illegal today.
For instance, I have examined the marriage records of Nezhin
Ukraine, a town subject to considerable Lubovicher influence,
for 1886 and 1895. In 155 marriages, or 310 marriage partners,
there were 2 16-year-old girls, 1 17-year-old girl, 7 18-year-old
girls, and 2 18-year-old boys. No one was under 16.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA

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