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Haakon Chevalier <haakonc@...>

Dear Udi,

My family (specifically my mother's father's father, Simon Lazarus
Lansburgh) was also >from Posen, and we also have a tradition of being
Sephardic. In my case, he married into a mixture of Ashkenazic Jews (at
least members of the London and Kingston, Jamaica Ashkenazic Synagogues)
and Sephardic (Jamaican) Jews. Now, there are some Lansburghs and
Posners >from Posen (to whom we may or not be related) who have a
well-documented genealogy back to the 1490s in Calahorra, Spain. So
there definitely were Sephardim in those parts.

Another thing which made your email interesting to me was the surname
Lazarus. This is often a Sephardic surname. I have wondered if my
great-grandfather might have gotten his middle name >from some
intermarriage into that family, but I haven't noticed it in Posen

Haakon Chevalier

reply to: HaakonC@...
researching: LANSBURGH in Posen, REICH or RAICHA in Mlady Smolivec,
Bohemia, NEWMAN in Praha, PEIXOTTO in Jamaica, PYKE in London, SNOOK in
Amsterdam, somebody in Berlin, etc.

<<...Few ancestors >from my grandmother's side, also came >from Posen
district, I suppose that there were early connections between booth
sides. The tradition in my Natanson family is, that they are >from
Spanish origin (deported in 1492 and went to Berlin).
Any information will be appreciated.

Regards >from Jerusalem. Udi Cain.

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