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1) see the attached link for info about Potsdam
there is also a Charlottenburg Palace, and extensive gardens with a Peacock
Island (Peacock = Pfau)
J. Neuwirth

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Many thanks to all the people who helped with the questions I posted

Here are a few more things I need help with >from my GGF's diary.

1) After his visit to Berlin he referred to a trip to Pottsdam through
"Charbatenberg". I can't find a reference to a Charbatenberg. I don't
know if it is a town, park, or something else.

2) While visiting the Keiser's palace he writes "Magnificent gardens
Pantofel". I don't know if Pantofel is the name of the gardens or a
descriptive word.

3) During a trip to Iasi, he refers to spending an evening at "Dourne
I am not sure it this is a person or a place.

Thanks again!


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