need 2 pictures from Montefiore Cemetery, Queens, NY #general

Richard Blalock <richard@...>


Do you know anyone who visits the old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens?
I need someone to take a few good readable photographs of two headstones
there. I live in California and can't exactly get there myself.

Montefiore Cemetery, St. Albans
Address: 121-83 Springfield Blvd., St. Albans, Queens
Mailing Address: PO Box 120098, St. Albans, NY 11412
Telephone: (718) 528-1700

Jacob Shenkin 1855 to October 15, 1934
Basha "Bessie" Shenkin September 25, 1860 to October 4, 1919

They are my second great grandparents. Is there any chance that you could
point me to someone who could assist me ?


Richard Blalock

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