Re: RACHLES Family #general


Hello Evan,

You are researching Smorgonky. My aunt, my father's sister-in-law,
Michlias (Mania) Smorgonsky was born in Vilna 9/22/1890. She was the
daughter of Jacob, born in Swinsjan (I don't know where that is) and of
Kowaski, Sophia. Aunt Mania married uncle Abraham Feinberg (who came, with
his mother, >from Belgium to marry) in Vilna 8/7/1913 and all returned to
Antwerp, the same year, where the Feinberg family was living since 1889.
On the other end, my gfather, Mojzesz ben Josef Feinberg, was born in
Bielsk-Podlaski (near Byalistock) 5/25/1862. I have not found anything
about Bielsk. Have you been lukier in your search?

Best regards,

Roger Feinberg
Antibes (France)

Evanwm25@... a *crit :

Looking for descendants, people with knowledge of, etc., the RACHLES
family. Of Passaic, NJ, and before that, Wysokye Litovsk (Vishuker
Litofsk). Also related to an Etta Rochelle and Edith Garber >from New
York and Passaic, respectively.

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