Re: Announcing Trakai records distribution - Daugai 1858 List #general


Bonjour Robyn,

My gparents came >from Vilna (that is what they reported to the
Authorities) to Antwerp (Belgium) in 1889. Could have been the Vilna

Gfather, Mojzejs ben Josef Feinberg, born in Bielsk-Podlaski ( Poland)
5/25/1862. married my gmother Rachel (or Rivka) Levinson inVilna 8/20/1889.
She was born in Vilna 8/12/1868. Her father was David and her mother Rose
Ancelevich. The latter's parents, my gggparents, were Mordoeck Michelevetz
(I guess he was Mordoeck son of Michel) Anzeliowitz. I don't know where
the Ancelevich/Anzeliowitz came from.

My question is, not having found them in Salt Lake City, perhaps they (the
Levinsons and the Anceleviches) all originated >from the surrounding
shtetlach like the Trakai district. Have you come across any of them? If
so, please, tell me. If not, please, direct me.

Thanking you in advance, I remain sincerely, Yours

Roger Feinberg
Antibes (France)

Robyn Perlin a *crit :
The Trakai District Research Group has just made a
distribution of 510 newly acquired records >from the
Daugai 1858 Revision List to all of the members of the
Research Group.

The Trakai District includes the following towns in Vilnius
Guberniya in Lithuania:
Alytus, Aukstadvaris, Butrimonys, Darsuniskis, Daugai,
Druskininkai, Jieznas, Merkine, Mikalavas, Miroslavas
Nemajunai, Nemunaitis, Onuskis, Paluknys, Pivasiuniai
Punia, Ratnycia, Semeliskes, Stakliskes, Trakai,
Valkininkai, Varena, Vievis, Zasliai, Ziezmariai.

If you are a member and did not receive this most recent data (from
Daugai), please get in touch with me. If you would like to join in this
project and receive all past and future lists, please contact me at
trekrobyn@... to find out about joining the Trakai Research Group

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