Lazar SCHWARTZ; Minnealpolis to Bellingham WA; 1900-1924 #general

Tim Baker <tbaker@...>

Lazar Schwartz was one of the charter trustees of the synagogue in
Bellingham, Washington in 1906. He was born in Bucharest, Roumania about
1860, died in Bellingham 1922, and was buried in Seattle. He was
naturalized in Minneapolis in 1894, married a woman named Rosa in July
1887 in Minneapolis, and moved to WA state in 1900. The 1910 census lists
him as "Al." Lazar and Rosa raised four children:
(1) Maurice/Morris J., born about 1888, married Dorothy Miller of Seattle
in 1915, headed a socialist organization in Bellingham in 1916, and
graduated Univ. of Washington Law School;
(2) Harry H. born about 1891;
(3) Nettie, born about 1894;
(4) Sarah, born about 1895.
Lazar and Rosa divorced in 1922, and Rosa moved to San Diego. Harry and
Sarah lived in San Diego at that time as well, Nettie in Los Angeles.
Please contact me privately if this is your family and I will send you
what I have.

Tim Baker
Bellingham WA

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