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ldashman@... (Lisa Dashman) opined:
In the Guggenheimers' "Jewish Family Names and Their Origins," the
authors say that Gumpert, Gumprecht and Gumprich are related to the
names Ephraim, Mordecai and Uri. Can someone offer some insight about
this proposed relationship?
The clue is in the connections among the three Hebrew names offered as
"related to" the German "Gumprecht": there are no visible connections.
The root meaning of Ephraim is "fruitful"; that of Uri is "Light";
Mordekhai is >from a Persian theophoric name. if somebody else sees a
connection, I would appreciate being enlightened.

In other words, as far as one can see, the author of the book found at
least three people using the German name, who bore the three Hebrew
names he cites. On the other hand, he seems to be right as far as he
goes: the only Gimpel (Gumprecht) in my database is a Mordekhai.

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