Grand Trunk Railroad - Chicago #general

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I realize that the archives have some recent postings on this, but feel my
question has not been answered.

I found on naturalization papers of some relatives that they came from
Montreal, Canada via the "Grand Trunk Railroad" to Chicago, Ill.. I know
they arrived at various dates in 1906, but do not know how they got to
Montreal. Would passenger records be kept in Canada through the ship
manifest (how would I find ship) and are any records kept in the U.S.

Why was it called the "Grand Trunk Railroad"?

I also noticed in the archives that there were various stops it made in the
U.S. to let off passengers. Were customs only at the Canadian border or at
these towns also.

We all have the image of our ancestors coming to Ellis Island and waiting
for a long time to give vital info that the U.S. govt. needs of the aliens.
What happens to the others that came in to Chicago, etc.

Thanks for any help,

H. Murray Weinstein

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