Finding Jewish Ancestors in Thuringen, Germany #general



I would greatly appreciate help in getting started researching my "long
lost" Jewish ancestors in the Thuringen district of Germany, who lived in
the towns of Wasungen, Walldorf, Meiningen and environs.

I live in the US and descending >from what I thought was a line of German
protestants I was surprised and delighted to be told by a local genealogist
on a visit to Wasungen several years ago that a number of families in a
pedigree I showed him were Jewish. Alas, apart >from remembering the man's
last name was Kniessa or Kniese, I have lost all my notes on that

I don't know where to start but have these questions.

1. If I posted a list of the family names here is there any chance that
possibly Jewish families could be identified?

2. Where else might I ask for help in identifying these famlies?

3. Is there a way to identify the addresses of any Jewish congregations in
the area and what might their attitude be toward a genealogical inquiry?

4. Of what use might an LDS Family History Center be in my search?

5. What resources for Jewish genealogical research are there available
through the net that I might avail myself of? Should I be reading a FAQ
instead of posting here?

6. Is anyone aware of an English source for Jewish history of this region,
especially one that might document events surrounding the Nazi era?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. The e-mail address is good.

Steve London

MODERATOR NOTE: When starting out with Jewish Genealogy (and even for more
experienced researchers), the first stop is Warren Blatt's JewishGen FAQ
at <>, which is updated on a
regular basis. JewishGen also has Infofiles relating to German-Jewish
genealogy at <>. There is also
a German Jewish SIG Online Discussion Group with subscription information
at <>. And, of course, you should
register your Jewish surnames and ancestral town on the JewishGen Family
Finder (JGFF) at <>, where other people with
common interests can find you.

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