Re: Grand Trunk Railroad #general


If the border crossing between the US and Canada was like it is now, they
probably had agents aboard the train to check the immigrants but there may
have been no check. Remember that during the very early times, there were
no passports and visas, there were often no papers-and if they had papers
they were in Russian or something that most Americans couldn't read. It
may have also been that the train stopped at a border town for this

Passage was very easy between the US and Canada. I would imagine that
before quotas and such, the main check would be the check entering Canada;
crossing >from Canada to the US did not entail the screening and medical
checks that Ellis Island had. Remember also, that Ellis Island was for
steerage passengers only. If you could afford something a little better,
you got off the boat right at the Port, not at Ellis Island-there were no
checks because it was assumed that you could take care of yourself.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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