Re: The Dreifuessler Rite #general


Concerning descent >from Rashi, Avotaynu had a series of articles several
years ago giving different versions of the descent >from Rashi to anyone
halfway recent. There were, I believe, 15 or 20 versions which varied as
to someone being the daughter or the granddaughter or the sister of a
particular person in the line. In the discussion, there were found to be
large gaps and sometimes people who lived in different centuries than were
possible in the particular lines.The bottom line was that no one could
prove that any of the lines was true. You may have a tradition of descent
from Rashi, but that would be what it is, a tradition.
As a genealogist and a geneticist, I can say that it is very probable that
either all or none of Ashkenazi Jewry is descended >from Rashi-there are
that many generations. It has been said that if we go back to the 17th
century we are all related (the Family Tree of the Jewish People makes a
lot of connections). Given the time back to Rashi, it is likely that
either Rashi's line died out, or that some one or probably more of your
(anybody's) many great grandparents then was Rashi. Now, prove it-good

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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