List of Holocaust Victims from Vilna #belarus


I recently sent a message to the group called "Lida, Belarus and the Holocaust" In it I mentioned a list of Jews >from Vilnius killed during WW II. I have gotten a number of requests for more information on the list. I have decided to publish it to the whole group in case there are others interested.

The list is published as a handwritten book. It contains around 1200 names. I found it in the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. The title/author are:
Destruction of Jewish Vilna by R. Beliauskene. The call number at the FHC is 947.5 F2k

The description in the centers catalogue read:
"List of Jewish residents of Vilnius, Lithuania, which were killed during World War II. Provides the name and location and year of death. Often gives occupation and sometimes birthplace. Compiled by eye witness accounts, exhibitions, and documents.
Translated >from Yiddish original "Huvbn Vilne", Paris, 1949.
Huvbn Vilne unkum fun di Yidn in Vilne un Vilnen gegnt der harigehtol ponari pezenlekbe iberlebungeni...Szmerke Kaczerginski

I would appreciate it if someone could do a quick translation of the above yiddish.

The names on the one page I copied are:
Sonia Krubick
Grigory Kac
Genya Kac
Thusan? Korabeinik
Zalman Kac
Ru?n Kagan
Fishl Kremerman

Scott Noar

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