Thanks for Szlama/Solomon information #general

John & Diana Terry <jterry@...>

To all those very kind Researchers, who so quickly answered my question, on
whether Szlama translated into Solomon. May I thank you all for your swift

Without the support and advice of so many around the World, who have
unselfishly given their time to assist me in my Family Research, I wouldn't
be in the successful position to-day, of having found so many new relatives
and information about those that are no longer alive.

I am indebted to you all.

Thank you, you are indeed wonderful People.

Kindest regards
Diana Terry - Adelaide - South Australia

Researching:- BERLINER - FRYDMAN - WECHSLER >from Warsaw and Lodz, Poland
ISAACS - JEZIOROWSKI - PELTZ - ZAK - Czestochowa, Poland. London U.K. and
Chicago USA

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