Wielkie Oczy ShtetLinks Update #general

Stephen Landau <stephen.landau@...>

The Wielkie Oczy ShtetLinks site at
http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/WielkieOczy has been updated based on a
census of headstones at the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, New York. An
English translation and a reproduction of the original German document
describing the forced evacuation of Jews >from Wielkie Oczy on June 120,
1942 has also been added.

Stephen Landau
White Plains, NY

LANDAU, Bochnia, Wisnicz [Nowy], Galicia, 1902 to US (NY)
WASSNER, Wielkie Oczy [Vilkutch], Zmijowiska, Galicia, 1900 to US (NY, MA)
GOLDSTEIN, Wielkie Oczy [Vilkutch], Galicia, 1903 to US (NY, MA)
MEINHARD[T], Gorlice?, Galicia, 1903+ to US (NY, NJ)

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