Searching: Toronto/Warsaw--ENGLANDER/OBSBAUM #general

Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

I am looking for families named OBSBAUM or OSBAUM. They were
from near Warsaw, and then settled in Toronto (and Kentucky and
New York). Of greatest interest, I am looking for the family
of Annie Obsbaum ENGLANDER.

Daniel Kazez <>

P.S. In Toronto, Annie Obsbaum ENGLANDER's family included Ely
Englander, David Englander, Samuel Englander, Israel Englander,
Leopold Englander, and Solomon Englander.
Toronto and New York: ENGLANDER.
Cuba: ALHADEFF and BENHAIM. Argentina: DE VIDAS.
Paris: FRESKO. Leipzig: KAZEZ
Florida: LEBOY. New Jersey: STRAUSBERG

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