Seek info on LAUFER, FRIEDEMA, VAJDA, WALDMAN families of Buzinka/Saca & Kosice, Slovakia #general

john b hills <jbigh@...>

1) My mother's dad was born Samuel Laufer at Buzinka, near Kosice, Slovakia,
in March 1859. His parents were Moritz Laufer and Johanna Friedema. He had,
at least, one brother (Dr. Shandor Laufer, who died at Timisoara, Romania,
June 1933), an unmarried sister, Fanny Laufer, of Kosice (buried in Jewish
cemetary at Kosice), and a married sister, Hermina Laufer Waldman of Kosice
(Mrs. Adolf Waldman)(she died 3/4 August 1933; she and her husband also
buried in Jewish cemetary at Kosice). 2) My mother's dad came to USA 1874;
naturalized 1880, taking surname of Runner; married 1883 at Orwell, Ohio;
had two surviving daughters (my mother, the younger); he died at Cleveland,
Ohio, November 1937. 3) In his will, he left bequests to a nephew, Lajos
Laufer, of Kosice; to a neice, Mrs. Dr. Josef Vajda of Rasingasse, # 4,
Kosice; and to a neice, Malvina Ziltzer, Vamhaz korut # 6, Budapest. 3) Do
you genners know anything about these several families - Laufer, Vajda,
Waldman - in the area of Kosice, Slovakia? Or of Ziltzer family in
Budapest? 4) I am new to this mailing list, but find it fascinating! 5)
Please reply to me privately at Thank you for your help!
John B. Hills
West Olive, MI

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