Re: Descent from Rashi #general


There is no necessity of having 'uniform distribution' of marriages. Over
1000 years, no one remembers whether their 20th great grandfather was a
famous rabbi and that person will marry whomever the parent decides (with
arranged marriages).

What is important to remember is that our ancestors moved around a lot more
that we often think. My great great grandfather and his 2 known brothers
lived in 3 seperate shtetls, they were born somewhere else around Augustow,
Poland-a nephew was born in Marseille, France but came to the US >from the
Augustow region. In another line, my grandfather was >from Berdichev-his
brother was born in Odessa.

I am not unique in this. That is the reason JRI-PP is so successful. If you
have ever been to a genealogy conference, this is one of the main points of
some of the excellent talks!

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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