Wloclawek, Alexandrow and Ciechocinek #general

George Fogelson <fogelson@...>

My grandfather was in WWI and I have recently discovered postcards he
collected of the towns mentioned above dated 1918. They are specifically

Alekandrow: ul. Dluga (2 street scenes) and train station

Wloclawek view of town center and market, the river and vista of city in
background, and the Bishops Palace. (Palac Biskupa)

Ciechocinek: the three postcards are of large villas: Willa Felicjanka,
Villa Janina and Pensjonat Zachela

If anyone wants xerox copies of these postcards I would be happy to do so -
I would request that you mail me a self stamped addressed envelope and I
will sned them on. As I live in the US, the postage would have to be in US
denominations. I think the postcards are historically significant to those
who may be researching these towns and I wthought it would be nice to share
them if anyone is interested.
Please respond privately and I will send you my home address.

George Fogelson
Los Angeles

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