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Janculovici is not a Slavic Patronimic. The ici at the end is the Romanian
suffix that means son of. Other Romanian forms would be Rabinovici,
Berkovici, Abramovici and sometimes they used "cu" such as Lazarescu,
Anotonescu, etc.
You may have noticed that the "-ovici" suffix is pronounced "-ovitch".
A Russian son of a Berk. Abram, or Lazar would be Berkovitch,
Abramovitch, or Lazarovitch (just as a son of Ivan is Ivanovitch, and
the son of the Czar is the Czarevitch); I wouild be happy to be told
why this does not make these names patronymics. The "-ovici" spelling
is a consequence of the way the "tch" phoneme is rendered in Romanian
orthography, and does not change the fact that these are Slavic
patronymics (note spelling). For that matter, the "-tch" is merely a
way that English renders the Cyrillic letter for the phoneme.

The "-escu" suffix is adjectival. It means the same thing as similar
sounding suffixes in English (-ish), German (-isch), Swedish (-isk),
French (-esque), Slavic (-ski), and many other Indo-European

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