Re: Do you know this NYC school? #general


DWCHS could be DeWitt Clinton HS. It was an all boys school and took the
best and brightest students of the City in the 20's, 30's and 40's. My dad
graduated >from there in 1925. It's still located in the Bronx, NY

Linda Greenman

SHERRY >from Antopol, NY and Alabama.
RAFALOWSKI/RAFF/FISHBEIN >from Miedzyzrec/Bialystok and NY.
PLOCIENKO/CALECKI/HERMAN/KLUGER >from Sniadowo/Radzilow/Zambrow and NY,
Paris, Johannesburg.
GREENBERG/COHEN >from Rochester, NY. WEISS >from Mexico City.

MODERATOR NOTE: Thanks also to Carol Blumenthal Cohen, Michael Bernet,
and Lisa Dashman, who sent in responses to this query.

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