Pisek or Strakonice #austria-czech

Roberta Sheps

I am looking for descendants of any Jewish families >from either of these
towns in the Czech Republic. My synagogue has a Torah Scroll which came
either >from Pisek or Strakonice and I have been doing research into the
Jewish communities of these towns.

We are trying to reconstruct the life of the towns through, among other
things, researching the family histories of its Jewish residents and I have
compiled a list, mainly >from the Yad Vashem database, of names of community
members who were deported during the war, but I know the list is incomplete,
and it does not go very far in creating a picture of Jewish life in those

Any information about the families >from these towns and their
descendants(names, where they came from, how long they lived there, where
they went, where they are now, what they did for a living while in
Strakonice) would be very gratefully received. And of course, anything
relating to living individuals would not be posted online or shared without
their consent.

Yours sincerely,

Roberta Sheps
Colchester (UK) and District Jewish Community.

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