Re: "Help with Brussels research". #general

"Bousse Jan" <boussejan@...>

I would also recommend that, they have been very helpful to me. Sadly, what
they know best is which people were deported and did not come back. But do
try them, and if you need more help, you can also mail me directly. I am not
living in Brussels, but I can phone and speak to people that I know.

Jan Bousse, Oostende, Belgium

Willie Glaser <> schreef in berichtnieuws

I suggest you contact: Joods Museum van Deportatie en Verzet,
Goswin de Stassartstraat 153, B - 2800 Mechelen, Belgium.
Tel: (015) 29 06 60, Fax: (015) 29 08 76.
E-mail: Internet:

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