: mutilation to avoid coscription #belarus

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

I also have a story that cannot be confirmed that
my great aunt married a Max or Morris Rosenberg
in l890 in NYC. According to his family, his father
had put tea bags in his eyes to cause temporary
blindness but unfortunatley the blindness was
permanent. He then his son Morris to the US
to avoid the same fate someday in the l880s.

Hope this helps.
Diane Jacobs
new york

Zalman Latzkovich wrote:
A true story my Dad told me,that his father told him.
Their neghbor's son in Alytus, Lithuania, in order to avoid
being taken into the Russian army around 1910-12, took his
own eye out by sticking a fork into a wall and hitting
with a head. He personally knew this guy.

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