"Jack" Equivalent in Yiddish and Russian #belarus

A Falkin <afalkin@...>

I just received a reply >from my request to the Social Security Admin for a
Social Security application, and the father of the applicant is listed as
having the first name "Jack". I am sure that this was not Jack's given name
(in Minsk during the early to mid 1800's).

Does anyone know what a Yiddish, or Hebrew, or Russian equivalent to the
first name Jack may be? Thank you in advance for your help!

I can be reached at afalkin@...
Thank you!
Arlene Falkin
Seattle, Washington
Researching: FALKIN >from Minsk, HELLER >from Minsk, ROSEN >from Tirgu Frumos,
HARA >from Balat in Istanbul, LEVY >from Istanbul, AKIHOTE or ACHOTE from
Istanbul and Petach Tikva, FIS >from Rhodes, COHEN >from Rhodes and South

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