Birth,Marriage,Death Records from Uzhgorod Zags Archives #general

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Hi Genners,

In researching my family in the former Hungary, now
the Ukraine, I employed the services of a paid
researcher with good results for my family and, in
addition, approximately l00 records that did not
connect. I have held them since 1995. They haven't
helped my research; perhaps they'll help yours.

The informaion given below,in the Uzhgorod Zags
Archives, was recorded in the German language but
translated into Russian on the typewritten records I
have. (A partial example of a typical birth record is

CHPAKA #____
02.17. 1876 ron----------, 10 mapta 1898 rona B
ropoIIne YxropoIIe. 3nIIncb #___
Gren: ____________
MaTb: ____________

I can neither read the Russian language nor can I
speak it. (I can't type it very well either) The
records were accompanied by index pages prepared in

Here's what I have:

Birth records, >from 1851 to 1898. In each instance one
of the parents is a GERSHOVICH (Hershovich?) In most
istances the full name of the other parent is also
recorded, as is the child's name, date of birth,
document number and Archive stamp.

Surnames of the other parent include: Kohn, Rotg,
Mermelshtein, Shen, Landesman, Yakobovich, Schwartz,
Schvart, Bloom, Ganzfrid, Shonzfrid, Klain, Rizenbach,
Bley, Davidovich, Grunshtain, Rozenbaum, Veltner,
Markovich, Friedman, Varner, Kraus, Gertenshtein,
Kolshtein, Klei, Moshkovich, Rotman, Glomer,
Friedlader, and Rozenbaum.

Marriage records, >from 1853 to 1896 are those that took
place between surname MOSHKOVICH and the following:
Berman, Berger, Weisberg, Shochvartz, Grunfeld, Gruen,
Gluck, Gutman, Guttman, Gluck, Klain, Klein, Spiegel,
Balog, Schechter, Kestenbaum, Fridman, Davidovich,
Bergid, Berkovich, Yakovich, Rozner, Shvartz,
Leibovich, Kunfalv, Braun, Leier, and Grunberger.

Marriage records, >from 1872 to 1893 for surname:
GERSHKOVICH (Hershkovich?) and the following: Klain,
Grunberger, Vattener, Ganzfrid, Rizenbach, Yakovich,
Benno, Moshkovich, Gein, Fenershtein, Luger,
Weisberger, Shtein, Klein, Rot, Rotman, and Glaner.

I have one record of an 1885 marriage between

All marriage records include year of birth, date of
marriage, name of father for husband and wife,
document number and archive stamp. In a few instances
only, the name of a parent is not indicated on the
index page.

Death records for MOSHKOVICH, >from 1852 to 1895.
Death records for GERSHKOVICH, >from 1852 to 1895.
One death record may be that of an adopted child(?)
The index page states "born WEINBERGER"

Death records include date of death, year of birth,
document number and archive stamp. In a dozen
instances only, the words "s/____ " or "d/____" is
indicated on the index page. One record indicates
birth: 1749; death: 1854. The index page specifies
"age at death: 105."

I have held these records since 1995 with the hope
that some might be those of my family. That has not
happened. They may assist you with your family. If you
believe there is a connection and wish to contact me,
please do so privately at my email address,

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