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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Hi, Israel,

Would it be that "Szczyrzar" is ex Szczerzec in ex Lwow Province?

There are actually were two Szczerzec in Eastern Galicia.
One Szzcerzec was identified as a town proper, known as Szczerzec kolo
(near) Lwowa, 936 population in 1921 census, with all over 75% Jewish
souls. Town is located 20 km SSW >from Lviv and is known currently as
Shchirets at 4939 2352. Town had very well developed commercial activities.

The other Szczerzec, a larger one by the population figures, was actually a
large native Ukrainian village, located near Rawa Ruska. Village had 1310
general population re 1921 census, with very little commercial activities.
Currently this locality is known as Shcherets at 5007 2334.

Good luck,

Alexander Sharon

Arolsen gave me a birth place for a Pickholz refugee as Szczyrzar,
although their own reference card says Strzyzow.

With all due respect to D-M Soundex, I find nothing remotely similar to
Szczyrzar on ShtetlSeeker.

Might Szczyrzar and Strzyzow be the same place? (I might complicate
this question by pointing out that neither seems to be anywhere near
East Galicia, but I'll assume that fact is not relevant.)

Israel Pickholtz

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