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David Joseph Colman <dybk@home.com> wrote:

While researching my Kalmanowicz family >from Raciaz/Sierpc/Drobin/Rypin,
I discovered that Blima Kalmanowicz, born 1861 in Drobin, was referred
to on her marriage record as Kalmus/Kalmanowicz.

A bit of quick searching in the JewishGen site shows Kalmus as name used
in Austria, Galicia, and other parts of Poland.
It may help to know that her father, Kalman, died either just before or
just after her birth.
It would appear that her father's name was used as a patronymic. Although
1861 seems a bit late for that sort of thing, I have found similar examples
of patronymics being used then..

Kalmus, with a diacritic on the 's' (and pronounced Kalmysh) is the normal
Yiddish form for someone whose Hebrew name was Kalman. It is not at all
uncommon. For example, the work "Chovath Hatalmidim" by Rabbi Klonymus
Kalmon Shapira, ABD Piaseczyn refers to the author, on its title page as "R
Klonymus Kalmysh Shapira"

Thee is no need to postulate a Hungarian influence; Kalmish (like Leybish)
is a common Polish-Jewish form of the name. In fact, Polish Jews frequently
formed familiar names ending with -sh or -she.

Perets Mett

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