False Family Info Given as a Joke #general

gina kohn

Hello fellow JGenners,
I have a problem and I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and
possibly have ideas on how to remedy this unfortunate situation. In
December, my 51 year old brother-in-law gave me some information about his
grandfathers family for my KOHN research. I even ran the information
through many family members and no one noticed the problems I now face.
I have unfortuntely discovered (after posting messages on message boards
on various sites and sharing info with other researchers on the internet),
the information he gave me is completely false and the names he gave me
are crude Yiddish slang terms. He did this as a practical joke. He even
gave me names of Holocaust victims that are completely false. How he could
be so crude, I do not know. I can't tell you how hurt I feel by his
careless actions, and how embarassed I am. I want to apologize to anyone
with whom I have shared my KOHN family research with in the past 3 months,
as I take my research very seriously. Thank you for your time. If desired,
please respond privately.

Long Beach, CA

researching, KOHN > Hungary, KLEIN > CZ, KAGAN > Minsk, CHAIKIN > Borisov,
and many many more

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