Homewood Terrace (Jewish Orphanages in San Francisco) #general


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The orphanage they lived in was a Jewish one named either
"Edgewood" or "Edgeware" and was a cottage style
home with house parents looking after the children.
I don't know where the orphange was located but the family
had a small store located near the original Levi Strauss
Pants factory in San Francisco. Has anyone heard of this
orphange or can point me in the right direction

Actually, I believe Edgewood was the Protestant Orphanage. Homewood
Terrace was the Jewish orphanage. It was in the hills above Ocean Avenue,
as I remember. If you put the two phrases "homewood terrace" "san
francisco" into a good search engine, you will find several sites with
good information about the orphanage.

Eleanor Gordon

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