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Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

Pamela Weisberger wrote:

In today's New York Times (Saturday, March 17th) there is an excellent
article by Adam Michnik entitled: "Poles and the Jews: How deep the
Guilt?", which is a response to the upcoming book by Jan T. Gross,
"Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne,"
which has been previously referred to (and recommended) in this
discussion forum. The book deals with the July 10, 1941 mass murder
of the entire Jewish population of the village of Jedwabne by their
Polish neighbors. I highly recommend reading this insightful article,
which also explores the anti-Semitic traditions deeply rooted in
Poland. If one can't obtain the NY Times locally, it can be
accessed through their website,

I just want to say that I read this article by Adam Michnik this
morning. It is quite thoughtful and very well worth reading. His points
about the "Polish paradox"(that in Poland one could be an anti-semite, a
hero of the resistance, and a savior of Jews), and about the post war
Polish self-image formed amid Stalinist terror without an opportunity
for open public reflection on the events of the war, are particularly
important for Jews to understand. I will also say that his article is in
my opinion not without some flaws.

Tilford Bartman,

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