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<<I've been told that my grandmother was sent by her parents to an
orphanage for a few years when she and her sisters were young (I suspect
between 10 and 15 years of age) Dhe was born in 1905 so I exepct it would
have been in thed1915 to 1920 range. The orphanage they lived in was a
Jewish one named either "Edgewood" or "Edgeware" and was a cottage style
home with house parents looking after the children. I don't know where
the orphange was located but the family had a small store located near the
original Levi Strauss Pants factory in San Francisco. Has anyone heard of
this orphange or can point me in the right direction>>

There was an Edgewood Children's Home in San Francisco, but it was not a
Jewish orphanage. Established in 1851, it was also known as the San
Francisco Protestant Orphanage. In 1979, it was still located at 1801
Vincente St., San Francisco, 94116, and involved in casework and
psychiatric services. They might still possibly be at that location.

The only large Jewish orphanage in operation in that time frame was the
Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum located in 1891 at 436 O'Farrell. In 1999
they found missing records and books going back to 1870.

Hope this helps!!!

Marge Spears-Soloff
Orlando, FL
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