I shall give my scanner (used but good) as a gift... #general

Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

I shall give my scanner "A4 Tech" (used but good - I scanned all the
pictures in my web page with it) as a gift, to the one in Israel who
will volunteer to scan the photographs >from the Yizkor book of Gombin,
Poland, and/or Rozan, and/or Plock and/or Zdunska Wola and/or Tomaszow
Mazowiecki and/or Mlawa and/or Kalisz and/or Holocaust Album: ""Marot
Hakhurban" was published in Eretz Israel by Mapa"i, in 1947.
I shall provide the book chosen and I have copy rights to post those
Yizkor Books in JewishGen translations database.

I thank you in advance


Ada Holtzman
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

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