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Hi everyone. I was looking over the Nesvizh sig website, and happened
to notice that some people >from this town are buried at Mt. Judah
cemetery in Queens. What caught my eye, however, was the Section and
Block numbers, which are identical to the burial society that buried my
great grandfather and mother.

My great grandparents were buried by the Chevra Mishnayes or Mishnaioth
Shomrei Shabbat Association. Can someone please translate this? I know
this was also the name of the shul my great-grandfather belonged to on
the lower east side of Manhattan.

Also, in the same Section 2 and Block 5, apparently members of the
"Indep. Bros. of Nesveis" are buried.

My great grandparents lived in Bialystok, but I am uncertain as to their
towns of birth. I looked on the map, and Nesvizh is on the road out of
Bialystok to the east, but seems like quite a ways. However, I know
that my great-grandfather traveled frequently to Warsaw on business, and
also that members of the family lived in Warsaw, and probably Ostrow M.
and Zambrow.

Can someone tell me how likely it would be that my grandfather hailed
from Nesvizh? Does anyone know really how much traveling these people
did? On one hand you would think that they stayed in their little
shtetls, but I wonder based on my knowledge of my grandfather's travels.

Victoria Reed
San Francisco

Researching: FISH, FLASH, REISS, NIEMAND >from Galicia
all >from Northern Poland and the Pale

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