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Dear All,

I have been researching my MANDEL roots for almost two decades now and can
demonstrate (to my own satisfaction at least!) that:-

1. While there were plenty of Mandel's in German-speaking areas of 19th
century Europe as well as in Hungary and what became Czechoslovakia, there
were relatively few in that part of the Pale of Settlement which became
Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

2. Those very few who lived in Belarus (the Minsk Gubernya) were largely
concentrated in the Slutsk and Novogrudok Uezds.

3. These latter almost all stemmed >from a single family, who already
appeared in the1816-19 Revisions as "MANDEL"
(pure and simple - not Mendel, or Mandelbaum, or any other common

By the turn of the 19th century, there was quite an extensive cousinhood of
these MANDEL's in the "old country",
but by the end of World War I, half of them (and their descendants) seem to
have disappeared into thin air.

The question is where the heck did they go to? And so my question to y'all
is do you have any Belarussian MANDEL's on your trees?

Anyone who has may hit a jackpot, because I have 200 years of documented
family history to share.

Please reply privately.

Neville Mandel-LAMDAN,

PS. Also searching ABELIANSKY, MLOTOK, PUZHARIK (various spellings),

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