Fw: Planning visit to dokshitz, seeking advice #belarus

Joel Alpert <ALPERT@...>

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I planing to visit dokshitz this spring. will travel there with my
wife and an ukrainian driver >from ukraine. would like to hear >from
people with most recent information.

isaak kugel, son of yisroel kugel.

Dear Isaak,

I was in Dokshitz at 1989. To Dokshitz you can only get through
Minsk, where you can rent a car and go. I don't know where are you
coming from, but you don't have to take a driver >from Ukraina, you
can take him >from Minsk. There are no trains/planes which are going
to Dokshitz. At Minsk we stayed at Lubileijne Hotel, which was very
nice. At Dokshitz there is only one guest house.

Have a nice trip,

Yechzkel Levitan.

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